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Fine Art Consulting

Our services include, art selection, concept development, budgeting, evaluation, fabrication and delivery. Working in close communication and collaboration with our clients is our goal. Years of experience in a variety of art related industries and education in fine art gives us a unique perspective on hospitality art. 


Many times as a necessary part of the consulting process, we provide drawings, sketches and computer renderings to help our clients visualize the end product . Our team members are some of the best in the industry.  

Sculpting and Painting

 As classically educated artists we use traditional techniques and cutting edge technologies to bring life to our 3-dimentoinal work. From full round free standing sculptures to high or bas-relief forms, we use carving (subtraction techniques for materials like stone wood and foam), and modeling (additive techniques for materials like clay and wax) combined with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and state-of the art equipment to achieve the best result possible. Using traditional oil painting acrylic and automotive finishes are just a small part of out capabilities 

Project Management

 Close communication with clients is our priority. Every one of our projects starts with concept design, maquettes, production development and step by step planning to completion. Managing budget, dead lines and insuring high quality is our focus. 

Fabrication and Installation

 We have the capacity to fabricate signs, furniture, pedestals and many objects from metal, wood, acrylic and other materials using CNC operated equipment. Our talented craftsmen can manufacture a large variety of shapes and designs for different industries and applications.